A few of the tools we may use in our time together:

Family Systems

Through the lens of family systems, we see that no person can be understood in isolation. We are all products of the systems we are engaged in whether it be family, co-workers, or friends. Through family systems work we look at how emotional responses are interconnected and how to support the client to differentiate from others. We look at specific behavioral patterns and how each person responds to anxiety in the system. Through this process the client can develop more adaptive, productive ways of being. For more information, visit the work of Murray Bowen.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction, also known as spiritual companionship or soul care is the journey of joining together to explore where the Divine is moving in the life of the client. The focus is on exploring the sacred in the everyday life of the client, specifically honoring the spiritual tradition of the client. The spiritual director offers deep listening and reflects back the wisdom that is discerned in the life of the client. Many client's find this particularly supportive during times of transition. According to Spiritual Director's International, "Spiritual direction explores a deeper relationship with the spiritual aspect of being human... helping people tell their sacred stories everyday." Visit SDI for more info.

Shadow Work

Through shadow work we we uncover the parts of ourselves that have been hidden and rejected. Through childhood conditioning we learn that certain aspects of ourselves are unacceptable and in attempts to feel worthy and lovable, these aspects of ourselves are rejected and pushed underground. These disowned parts are still with us and become blind spots in our lives. Shadow work shines a light on these qualities and invites all aspects of ourselves to have their place. As we reintegrate them into our awareness, we bring light to the gifts these parts offer, and step into more wholeness and authenticity. Shadow work is a lifelong process of reclaiming our true selves and recognizing the gold in the dark.


The Enneagram is a nine-point personality typing tool for psycho-spiritual growth and self-discovery. The enneagram helps reveal the habitual coping strategies a person uses both in growth and under stress. By gaining an awareness of these unconscious patterns, we cultivate deeper levels of compassion for ourselves and others and open a doorway for transforming the way we think, feel, and relate to the world and others. Online Enneagram Test.

art for healing

There are times when we need to go beyond verbal processing and allow our soul to speak through images and color. Art for healing is the use of art as a tool for expressing the unconscious. You do not need to have experience or skills in art. You will be provided with prompts and all the tools needed to explore your inner landscape and express it in creative ways.

SPiritual Partnership + Imago Work

Spiritual partnership is the coming together of equals for the purpose of spiritual growth. Everything that arises within the relationship is utilized as an opportunity for transformation and self-awareness. It is a conscious relationship that creates a safe space where growth can occur. Through Imago we recognize that we are unconsciously attracted to the partner who will best trigger and reignite our childhood wounds in order that they may be healed. Both participants in the spiritual partnership intentionally participate in the healing of the other. This is the lens through which we will view any relationship challenges that arise in the life of the client.

biospiritual Focusing

Biospiritual focusing is an experiential process that teaches us how to turn our attention to the body’s wisdom. Focusing honors the body’s central role in our developing self-awareness. It is a practice that reveals where we are blocked and shows us how “meaning” is not only thought in our minds, but is also felt in our bodies. Most people aren’t practiced in paying attention to body-wisdom because they are so busy bypassing their feelings or preoccupied with the mind in our information-based culture.

Through focusing we learn how to turn our attention inside the body in order to listen and nurture the felt senses that arise. As we journey inside ourselves we find meaning, direction and answers that are waiting to be noticed and nurtured. Focusing can facilitate spiritual growth, creativity, wellness, decision making, and stress reduction. Biospiritual.org


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