Counseling SEssions

The intention of my work is to support clients to identify and align their lives with their deepest values. We all have blind spots and unconscious patterns that can hold us back from expressing our true selves. These patterns of thinking and behaving are what cause a person to feel stuck and frustrated. I help clients get "unstuck" by bringing light to the underlying commitments and self-sabotaging patterns that get in the way.

Until you make the unconscious conscious,
it will direct your life and you will call it fate"
- Carl Jung

Our work together is intended to empower the client to drop their old story of what isn't working and form a new narrative based on authentic self-expression. Through personal reflection and objective feedback, a client is able to reclaim aspects of themselves that may have been disowned or left stagnant for some time.

The counseling relationship generates movement by encouraging self-acceptance and at the same time inviting a new level of personal responsibility.  The process results in a new found sense of freedom as clients begin to express their light more fully in the world.


As with any meaningful endeavor, the results of coaching and counseling are directly related to the client's willingness to do their own work. My desire is that clients leave session with more hope in their hearts than when they walked in. As clients begin to re-imagine their life story, new possibilities emerge that create space for a more creative, connected, and generative life.

It would be my privilege to walk with you, guided by your inner wisdom, as you step into the fullness of who you are and begin to see your life with new eyes.

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